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My Projects

As a digital marketer with extensive experience in PPC, social media, and email marketing, I have helped many clients achieve their business goals by implementing innovative digital strategies. My portfolio includes projects from various industries, and each one of them showcases my ability to deliver measurable results.

Below are some of the prominent projects that I am currently working on or have worked on.


Puma Biotechnology - Nerlynx

Ad Trafficking and Analytics Manager | SEO Expert

For this project, I was responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy that resulted in a 50% increase in brand recall and a 30% increase in sales.


YuWaah! - An Initiative by UNICEF INDIA

Paid Media Specialist | Email Marketing Specialist | SEO Specialist | Website Developer

I worked with the client to develop various targeted PPC, Email Marketing, and SEO campaigns to reach the young population in India using a variety of tools and techniques. Through all the initiatives combined, we've reached 10,00,000+ users in India.

AWR logo.png

Adventist World Radio

Performance Marketing Manager | CRO Specialist

I am presently implementing a diverse range of marketing mix platforms in this ongoing endeavor with the aim of expanding global reach and generating awareness. At a modest cost of $0.0003 in reaching a single user, I have already assisted them in reaching over one million users globally across all platforms.

Dynavax Logo.png

Dynavax Technologies

Campaign Manager | Data Analysis and Visualization Specialist

As part of this endeavor, I executed a diversity of campaigns, placements, and advertisements on video and display while utilizing Campaign Manager 360 for reporting in order to fulfill the client's goal of reaching one million individuals in the United States with their content. In addition, this undertaking encompasses the utilization of Google Data Studio / Looker Studio to conduct data analysis and visualization for all marketing endeavors, with the intention of assisting the client in formulating performance-driven strategic decisions.


Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet

Digital Marketing Manager

I was tasked with developing a strategy to assist the client in generating awareness and leads from organizations as part of this endeavor. In light of the fact that this is a business-to-business endeavor, I implemented a diverse marketing combination comprising awareness, social media follower growth, performance marketing, and retargeting campaigns in order to assist the client in surpassing the 1,000 B2B lead generation target.

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